Helical Gear Units

Technical Features :

Our SRC helical gearboxes range has high degree of modularity as a design feature. Besides, you can connect these Helical gear units with motors such as normal motor, brake motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency conversion motor, servo motor, IEC motor and so on.

This kind of Helical Gear Units are widely used in drive fields such as textile, foodstuff, ceramics packing, logistics, plastics and so on. It is possible to set up the version required using flanges of feet. 

Products Characteristics:

  • There are more than 4 types of SRC series helical gear units.
  • Power : 0.12-4KW; Ratio : 3.66-54; Torque : Max 120-500Nm.
  • It can be connected (foot or flange) discretionary and multi-mounting positions according to customer’s requirements. 
  • Ground-hardened helical gears.
  • Modularity can be combined in many forms.
  • Aluminium casing, light weight.
  • Gears in carbonize hard, durable.
  • Universal mounting.
  • Refined design, space effective and low noise.

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