Worm-Screw Jack

GEC-Series Machine Screw Jack Information

Information about GEC-Series Worm-Screw Jack

  • Model: GEC2.5, GEC5, GEC10, GEC20, GEC25, GEC35, GEC50, GEC100, GEC120
  • Load Capacities From 25KN to 1200KN As Standard.
  • Self Locking Trapezoidal Screw.
  • Translating Screw, Rotating Screw, Keyed Screw Configurations in Upright Or Inverted Mounting Orientation.
  • Top End: Top Plate,Clevis End,Threaded End,Plain End and Forked Head
  • Lifting, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling and Rolling Linear Motions
  • Individually Or Multiple Screw Jack Lift System Arrangements Are Available
  • Electric Driven,Manual Operated or Both Are Available
  • Anti-backlash Nut Device Available, Special Custom Design Available
  • Accessories: Protective Tube, Rubber Bellows, Electric Motor, Hand Wheel, Inverter, Limited Switches, Linking Shaft, Coupling, Pillow Block Bearing, Counter, Bevel Gearbox, Swivel Plate and Trunnion Base

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